Our History

Maggie’s opened in March of 2002. Our story is this:

Once upon an October 2001, we sat at breakfast in the Boston Airport. We were humbled and distressed that we may be sitting in the same seats as the victims of 9/11. As we watched the National Guard with their guns walk through the terminal, we reflected on that day a month ago and how life for all of us changed forever.

Maybe because of where we were and where we had been, we contemplated our life and our future. We had spent the weekend with Joan Anderson at her woman’s retreat in Cape Cod. Both of us had read her book, A Year By the Sea, and were reflecting the way the seminar and the book had impacted us.

We discussed our dreams, plans, ideas and hopes and ways we wanted to be different, make a difference and take charge of our future. We talked about our friend Maggie, who had died three years earlier. Maggie would have enjoyed the weekend. She was gone, a victim of domestic violence. We discussed how helpless we felt when trying to help her.  

The ideas flowed and Maggie’s Place was born..a unique place in honor of our friend. Together and with communities near and far we are making a difference in the lives of battered women. Through our financial donations and also furniture to help women restart their lives, we feel that Maggie lives on through us. We miss her so.

Now that you have our history, Maggie’s has evolved into an interior design firm filled with talented experienced designers and a library of products at your disposal. Let us make your home as unique as you.